Accumulation (Hot Water Storage) Tank

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71 71AT Accumulation (Hot Water Storage) Tank

Accumulation tanks are used for the purpose of storing hot water in a  hygienic environment. They can be used where the hot water storage requirement are high. For example; villas, hospitals, apartments, sports  facilieties and industrial plants.

The primary heat source of the accumulation tanks can be hot water boiler  with solid fuel, hot water boiler with liquid/gas fuel, electric heating tank,  solar energy or geothermal energy. Hot water (up to 95°C) is stored after  circulating the energy of the heat source through an heat ex-changer.  Inner surface of the tank in contact with water coated with hot galvanize or  stainless steel according to the process requirements. Mg anode rod provides protection against corrosion  and polyurethane insulation prevents heat loss. Outer jacket is coated with electrostatic powder paint or  flexible outer covering material.

Accumulation tanks are manufactured according to EN13445 standards. Standard max. operating pressure is  10 bar but special production for higher pressure level is possible. In addition, according to request our  manufacturing portfolio includes tanks with heat ex-changer & electric command panel (HE-EWH Series).