Boiler With Single Heat Ex-Changer

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41 41HE Boiler With Single Heat Ex-Changer

Boilers with single heat ex-changer provides domestic hot water by using  primary energy from such as floor standing boilers (solid-liquid gas fuel),  central heating tanks, solar collector, steam boiler, hot oil or hot water boilers.  Primary liquid circulating through the heat ex-changer transfers its’ heat to  the water inside of the tank via convection. This process prepares domestic  hot water.

Inner surfaces in contact with water coated by galvanize via immersing  method or stainless steel sheet can also be used according to the application  requirements. Mg anode rod protects inner tank against corrosion and rock  wool insulation minimizes heat loss. Tank is coated with detachable flexing  outer covering. Heat ex-changer circuit can be eighter flanged type assembly/disassembly kit which  provides easy re-changement or can be mounted to body.

Boilers are manufactured according to EN13445 standards. Standard maximum operating pressure is 10 bar  but special production for higher pressure level is possible. In addition, according to request our  manufacturing portfolio includes boilers with heat ex-changer & electric command panel (HE-EWH).