Floor Standing Boiler With Solid Fuel

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11 11HWB-SF Floor Standing Boiler With Solid Fuel

Floor standing steel boilers with solid fuel are specially designed with the aim of residential usage in order to provide environmental heating. It is also possible to provide hot water for consumption by connecting it to a boiler with heat exchanger. These manually loaded floor standing boilers are operatable by using solid fuels like as wood, coal, pellet and etc.

11HWB-SF series are durable and high efficient prismatic boilers with flamesmoke pipe, 2 steps and without counter pressure. Its’ control panel, fan and fan protection case provides user friendly design. High efficiency of fuel burning has been achieved by its’ thermostat controlled silent running fan. With the help of this technology fuel is fully utilized. Fan stays of as soon as the water temperature reaches the desired temperature. Heating operation stops and the boiler goes to sleeping position. Circulation pump of the system continues to operate.