High Speed Mini Combi Boiler

High Speed Mini Combi Boiler
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Z-MHE High Speed Mini Combi Boiler
High speed mini combi boiler is a boiler with copper (Cu) heat exchanger  and used in combi boilers. Tank capacity is approximately  1,5-2 liters. Inner tank design includes a suitable sized copper heat  ex-changer in order to provide efficient heat transfere. Min. tank  capacity provides high speed hot water.
This is an alternative option for plate heat ex-changer. It can be used in package&domestic type hot water  tanks via placing it inside of the tank case.
Primary line of the high speed mini combi boiler can be LPG&natural gas combi boiler, monoblock hot water  tank with solid fuel, hot water tank with fuel oil/gas, electric heating tank or geothermal energy source.  Instantaneous high speed domestic hot water is supplied by circulation of the energy of the heat source.

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